Venkateshwara B V Bio-Corp Private Limited organised series of Technical seminarson “BV 300 LayerManagement and Nutrition”.

VENKATESHWARA BV BIO-CORP PVT LTD organized series of Technical seminars in association with Phoenix Group, Jabalpur for commercial Layer Farmers on 17th,18th and 20thJanuary 2024 at Bhopal, Jabalpur and Raipur respectively. This technical seminar was attended by layer farmers of Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Raipur and surrounding area.

DrH.G Murade, DGM, Sales and Marketing, welcomed all attendees and introduced the speakers for thetechnical seminar.

Dr Sunil Nadgauda, DGM, Technical,explained in detail about the “NewBV 300 commercial Layers Nutrition and Management Guide”in all aspects.During presentation heinsisted more on producing quality pullets for better laying performance.The excerpts from his presentation can be summarized as below.

  • BV 300 performance review over 100 weeks of age.
  • Importance of body weight monitoring in rearing period and its impact on laying performance.
  • Early Laying Nutrition to maximize peak production and to maintain the consistency.
  • Benefits of Phase feeding – to reduce the overall egg production cost and to optimize the efficiency.
  • Impact of feed toxicity on egg size, egg shell quality and immunity of the bird along with production performance.
  • Importance of body weight management and lighting management in laying as well as in rearing period.
  • Importance of gut health in long laying birds in egg productions. Gut health can be boosted by using gut acidifiers, probiotics and other solutions.
  • Innovative premix solutions to simplify the feed manufacturing and also to avoid errors during feed production were discussed. These solutions include EggXtra 5 % composite premix and Mixiblend 0.4 % premix for Layers.

Dr Sunil Bhidwale, Technical Director, Phoenix Group, presented regarding Current Disease scenario in MP and CG states and strategies to prevent and control the same. He discussed in detail regarding the causes and best possible solutions to prevent the emerging and re-emerging diseases. He insisted to follow strict biosecurity to be followed at farm to enhance the productivity

Dr Sunil Nadgauda and Dr Sunil Bhindwale answered the queries of the attendees related to the subjectand other technical queries regarding layer nutrition and management.

Dr H G Murade summarized the presentations and suggested to follow the proper vaccination schedule as per the guidelines. He emphasized more on use of inactivated vaccines in laying phase.

Mr Prabhakar Iyer, CEO, Phoenix Group and Mr Pallabh Paul GM- Phoenix Group, given conclusive remarks on technical seminar and assured the farmers regarding best possible services.

The New BV 300 layer nutrition and management guide November 2023 was launched during these seminars and copies were distributed to the layer farmers.

Mr Manish Podar, Zonal Manager proposed vote of thanks. The local Venworld Team organised these technical seminars.